Below you will find a list of the most important events that have taken place since the laboratory's inception.

  • Obtaining GMP certification

    8 December 2023

    We have received the GMP certificate! Manufacturers operating on the farm, food and dietary supplement markets interested in cooperation are encouraged to contact us.

    GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is the standard for the manufacture (including testing) of medicinal products, intermediates and the raw materials necessary for their manufacture.

  • Recommendation for GMP certification for the conduct of physico-chemical tests

    5 October 2023

    On 5 October 2023, following an inspection by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, we were recommended for GMP certification for the conduct of physico-chemical testing.

  • Obtaining approval for manufacturing under GMP conditions

    8 April 2022

    Following a decision by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector on 8/04/2022, the MT Laboratories laboratory was granted a manufacturing licence no. 265/0631/21. Since then, the laboratory's scope of work has also expanded to include routine testing of pharmaceutical products for exemption purposes under the GMP standard.

  • Change of laboratory location

    early 2021

    MT Laboratories is relocating its laboratory headquarters to Kutno in early 2021. Once the new location is equipped, work begins to achieve GMP certification.

  • Establishment of the company

    20 June 2017

    MT Laboratories was founded on 20 June 2017 at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Lodz, Poland. Initially, the company was engaged in conducting research and development and consultancy activities in pharmaceutical sciences.