Funded as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

EU subsidies

Name of Beneficiary:

Project title:
Expansion of the analytical laboratory to include the production of pharmaceutical raw materials (spreading of active substances and production of ointment vehicles based on natural ingredients) with dedicated software for pharmacists and doctors.

Project objective:
The aim of the investment is to restore the company's revenue and financial result to the time before the pandemic, and to make it more resilient to future crises. During the pandemic, the company lost the ability to make money from studies commissioned by pharmaceutical companies due to the fact that conducting audits requires a visit to the audited company. An opportunity to rebuild the company's financial position and make it more crisis-proof is to expand the range to include active substances used in prescription medicines, ointment substrates and then create an IT tool to facilitate sales of the new range.

Planned outcomes:
As a result of the project, the offer will be extended to include the production of pharmaceutical raw materials, focusing on the spreading of active substances and the production of ointment substrates based on natural ingredients. The effect of the investment will be enhanced by the creation of dedicated software for pharmacists and doctors, which will facilitate prescription writing on the doctor's side and prescription drug manufacturing on the pharmacist's side.

Project value (total):
420 869,10 PLN

EU funding for the project:
290 844,50 PLN

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