We offer analysis and testing under GMP conditions

We are a scientific and research laboratory, capable of conducting research in accordance with the most modern standards. We have a current GMP certificate for testing medicinal products, imported products and batch certification.


Our mission is defined by one word. We believe in achieving ambitious business goals through a far from businesslike and nowadays unfashionable tool - assistance. On both the demand and supply side, every business, without exception, is created by people, on both sides business is induced by their needs, and meeting those needs, helping others and each other, materializes and ultimately monetizes business.

We set directions, exceed expectations

We create solutions and standards beyond the reach of the competition, we create solutions and standards seemingly beyond our own reach, we dream, we set goals, we plan, we execute.


Clearly defining measurable goals, assigning single-person responsibilities and realistic completion dates in DD/MM/YYYY format.


Mutual respect is the foundation on which the next floors of our pyramid of organizational values are placed. Openness, Operational Excellence, Flexibility are the intermediate level above which is Quality. Everything we do, whether we ultimately dress these activities in a product or a service, each activity adds to the final quality and creates this quality, at every stage of each process.

Pyramid of values


We carry out scientific research for our own purposes as well as contract analyses for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and related sectors. As a spin-off company, we operate in cooperation with the Medical University of Lodz, which gives us almost unlimited access to up-to-date scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art research technologies.

The range of product offerings and services we provide includes:

Contract Testing Organisation

GMP testing

R&D testing




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