We offer our clients a wide range of scientific and advisory services in the field of solving problems in modern pharmacy and laboratory research. The vast experience and scientific knowledge of our employees guarantees the highest level of services.

GMP Testing

We offer a full range of physico-chemical tests for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. We have the appropriate equipment and skills to conduct efficient and reliable research for API, drugs, dietary supplements or cosmetic products, regardless of the form in which they appear (ointments, creams, syrups, tablets, capsules, etc.). Depending on the client's needs, we perform analysis in accordance with the GMP system or the internal quality management system. We carry out analyzes using the classical methods of wet chemistry analysis and advanced analytical techniques such as HPLC, GC and LC-MS.

Some examples of analysis from our offer are presented below:

Determining active substance in the final product - Confirming the identity of products, raw materials, API
The test for Content Uniformity
Identification of known and unknown impurities in the product
Drug release
The release profiles
Determination of water content is the Karl Fischer electrometric titration method
The disintegration tests
Tablet hardness tests

For detailed information on the scope and research method carried out by our team, please contact us directly.


R&D Testing

We provide services in the field of development, validation and transfer of research methods. This applies to research methods for drugs and dietary supplements as well as methods used to assess the effectiveness of hygiene of machinery and production equipment. We provide services according to the ICH guidelines (International Conference on Harmonization), The European Medicines Agency's and the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) guidelines. In addition, we offer employee training in the field of working with the method that is the subject of validation.



Our offer includes a wide range of training courses that provides the trainee with the required skills and knowledge necessary to work in the pharmaceutical, food and dietary supplement industries. Based on the knowledge and experience of our employees, we are able to conduct professional training courses based on theory and practice, including the following issues:

High performance liquid chromatography - HPLC (laboratory training courses) - Gas chromatography - GC (laboratory training courses)
Validation of research methods (workshops)
Transfer of research methods (workshops)
GMP and GLP - implementation, accreditation, preparation for inspection (workshops)
Optimization of work and laboratory management (laboratory training courses)
Internal / external auditor


High performance liquid chromatography - HPLC (laboratory course)
Gas chromatography - GC (laboratory course)
Validation of research methods (workshop)
GMP and GLP - implementation, accreditation, preparation for inspection (workshops)
Laboratory optimization and management (laboratory course)
Internal / external auditor


We conduct tests in terms of compliance with specific standards, patterns, checklists, legal regulations, norms or internal regulations e.g. of pharmaceutical companies for excipients and API. Our employees have relevant experience in working in a GMP as well as audit certificates for integrated ISO quality systems.